Saint Frank Coffee at Facebook

Menlo Park CA | Completed 


A Menlo Park outpost of the popular San Francisco roaster, Saint Frank Coffee is an employee- and guest-only café in Building 20 at Facebook HQ.

The building’s dynamic Frank Gehry interior features moving lights, industrial columns, mechanical infrastructure, and changing ceiling planes. Within this space, which replaces a coffee-cart operation in the same location, the café’s restrained design creates quiet focus with clean lines and a simple palette.  

The 360-degree coffee bar incorporates a fast service line, a stand-up bar for lingering and enjoying coffee, and a “slow bar” for sitting and sipping with a laptop. Saint Frank is committed to making coffee accessible, and the custom bar and varied seating offer a range of ways to engage.

The pastry case—made of Starphire glass, raw steel, and white oak—is a seamless insert into the Caesarstone and Cle tile bar. The rear wall is lined with a hand-cut acoustic felt pattern that provides a contrasting background for the bright tiled bar and adds a warm, quilted feel.