Core Design Principles

We have defined four core principles that are meant to ground our ambitions in hyper-local benefits and other fundamentals of how housing improves places and lives. We proactively invite and encourage members of our design, development, and consultant teams to share and embrace this approach for all projects. This overarching philosophy is compatible with—and executed in part through—DBA’s 9 Ways design framework.

Design for human experience

Make decisions that expand opportunity, prioritize joy, and create meaningful connection, health, and refuge

Connect to place

Use the power of site planning and open-space design to enhance belonging and well-being, reconnect communities, and repair ecologies.

Do more with less

Don’t use it if it’s not necessary; leverage the beauty of raw materials and use simple, efficient systems.

Bet on the future

Embrace change, seize possibility, and make design choices as if the future we need is already here.