David Baker Architects Group Photo

David Baker Architects (DBA) is a nationally recognized, locally oriented architecture and urban design firm with a focus on sustainable, mixed-use communities that support stability and connection. At the nexus of housing, climate, and community, DBA’s work seizes opportunities to enact meaningful change—forging strong partnerships to create livable density and resilient, human-centered places that uplift communities at all scales.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Birmingham, Alabama, DBA’s diverse, collaborative team is committed to designing and leading with expertise, curiosity, tenacity, pragmatism, and joy. We design thoughtful places that allow communities to thrive and that serve as a “multiplier of good”—that is, that enable and support engagement, connection, and other neighborhood benefits.

DBA is a Certified B Corp, a JUST 2.0 Label organization, and a seven-year signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment, with strong values in advancing social equity and sustainability in architecture.

In a commitment to equitable purchasing, DBA makes a concerted effort to source and buy a minimum of 50% of our internal operational purchases and services locally. We support local purchasing as an important component of healthy and sustainable communities and economies. The “local” designation includes businesses and suppliers that are situated within a 50-mile radius of our business locations or construction sites. DBA also focuses on supporting local businesses that are certified minority- and women-owned businesses (MBE/WBE), certified B Corps, and JUST organizations.