Hotel Sebastopol

Sebastopol CA | In Design 

Designed with extensive community input, this creative inn offers the town of Sebastopol 66 guest rooms, neighborhood retail, artist studios, a restaurant and bar, and a wellness center.

The structure’s fine-grained massing responds to the scale of the town. From the tallest point, the building steps down two stories towards the south corner, reflecting the height of the neighboring building and allowing maximum sunlight into the public courtyard.

This main courtyard provides seating and gathering spots, then cedes to private gardens that offer an intimate sheltered space for the pool and wellness center. Sustainable materials reference the local natural palette: FSC-certified redwood siding, textured concrete, and weathering steel provide a rich backdrop for climbing vines. Native, drought-tolerant landscaping enlivens the public courtyard, private gardens, roof decks, green roofs, and street plantings. The design addresses parking with 92 valet spaces on a nearby lot.