2675 Folsom Street

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2675 Folsom Street is a new community-oriented development bringing 117 affordable homes to San Francisco’s transit- and amenity-rich Mission District.

2675 Folsom Street is a 117-unit development in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, a transit- and amenity-rich area. The four-story design respects the scale of the existing neighborhood architectural fabric and incorporates stoops for garden apartments, bays, and horizontal siding.  

The apartments range from studios to 3-bedroom homes to accommodate a wide range of residents. Private decks and patios, multi-level units, and varying orientations to the park, street, and courtyard offer a diversity of living options.

Open circulation maximizing light and fresh air will be provided at corridors, stairs, and bridges. Units will have generous windows and views out to the neighborhood and city beyond.

Amenity spaces—a lounge, outdoor kitchen, gym, dog wash, and spacious roof deck with a fire pit, grill, seating areas and verdant planting—are geared toward building and supporting community.

The built mass is modulated in a modern interpretation of the traditional San Francisco bays to create a dynamic urban edge/street wall.

A mid-block connection will provide a pedestrian link between Folsom Street lined with mature trees, and the residential Treat Avenue. The connection will feature an Outdoor Art Gallery with rotating artwork from local artists to be curated by the Mexican Museum. A double height community focused art gallery will mark the Folsom entry to the connection. Resident open spaces such as an outdoor kitchen and courtyard adjacent to the connection creates a collection of expansive open spaces on this compact site. Special metal cladding at the ends of the connection invite the public to use the connection from sunrise to sunset.

The site is adjacent to a the neighborhood Parque Niños Unidos, a beautifully renovated public park dedicated to children.

2675 Folsom is currently a used restaurant equipment auction facility. The business owns the site, and has secured another site in a more industrial neighborhood. Historically the site included a railroad line: the curved edge adjoining the Parque is a remnant of that use.

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2675 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA
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Axis Development Group
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