1188 Armand

Mountain View CA | Under Construction 

La Avenida will add 100 affordable supportive rental homes in close proximity to the Google Campus, Shoreline Amphitheater, and NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View.

Eden Development proposes 100 units of affordable supportive housing at La Avenida. The project is located in the North BayShore Area of Mountain View, just east of Shoreline Boulevard, not far from the Google Campus and NASA Ames Research Center. The project is a critical component of Affordable housing for the transitioning neighborhood.

The ground floor includes private residential entries with patios and awnings, residential common areas and two courtyards. The ground floor has been carved (complying with lot coverage requirements and setbacks) to allow for an open space to anchor the common areas, a gracious outdoor residential entry sequence and additional planting areas along the street frontages.

Above the ground floor are three floors of affordable residential rental units. They are arranged into three bars which face north and south. To reduce solar gain while still providing quality daylight, sunshades are provided on the south and west facades.

1100 La Avenida proposes a refined and simplified palette of materials. The ground floor consists of textured concrete walls, neutral thin brick and weathering steel. The contrast of the materials and the variation in the facade creates visual interest along the block. The residential bars are clad in fiber cement panels and weathered steel with the south facades stepping in and out. The simplicity and consistency of these three bars creates a refined look to the building.

Project Details

Project Number


1188 Armand Drive
Mountain View, CA
United States

Under Construction

Number of Units
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Total 100

Density Ratios
107,176 sf
41,768 sf
Units per Acre

Type I
Type V
5 Stories


Eden Housing
David Baker Architects
Landscape Architect
Civil Engineer
Luk + Associates