1101 Sutter

San Francisco CA | In Design 

1101 Sutter will offer 221 new homes, including 44 on-site affordable units and an adjacent 3,500-sf child-development center.

This new mixed-use development will be located at 1101-1123 Sutter on an approximately 29,700 SF site, currently occupied by two structures: an auto repair shop with public garage (at 1101 Sutter) and a mortuary (at 1123 Sutter).
At the corner of Sutter and Larkin, the three-level concrete auto-repair building—built in 1920 and designated an A-status Historic Resource—will be renovated into a mixed-use residential structure.

The ground floor will feature commercial space, a residential lobby and interior connection with the adjacent new residential high-rise, and three residential units along Hemlock Street. The second and third levels of the historic building will accommodate 18 residential units, and the structure will undergo improvements to the partially below-grade garage to provide building parking.

At the west side of the site, the mortuary will be removed for new construction of a 14-story high-rise tower. This high-density development will utilize the Individually Requested State Density Bonus Program to increase the number of code-permitted units from 149 to 200. In total, the pair o buildings will provide 221 new homes, including 44 below-market-rate units.

The 14-story, 152-foot tower will offer 200 rental apartments over an active, pedestrian-friendly commercial ground floor. Oriented toward Sutter Street, the dynamic street level incorporates a mix of uses, including the primary residential lobby, common amenities for residents, commercial and retail spaces, as well as a gym and early childhood development center.

At Hemlock Alley to the south, the ground level will include an outdoor court that serves an adjacent street facing gym. The building is set back from the alley at various distances to accommodate the court, an outdoor area for the early childhood development center, private terraces and balconies, and access to the garage and loading entries.

Midway up the tower, on the seventh floor, the building steps back about 40 feet on the west side, to provide a shared landscaped area at this setback. At the 14th floor, the building steps back on all sides to allow common view decks at each aspect. This top floor provides shared view points as well as two units, building services, and community rooms.

Project Details

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1101 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

In Design

Number of Units
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

Total 221

Density Ratios
256,004 sf
29,700 sf
Units per Acre

Concrete Highrise
14 Stories


Martin Building Company
David Baker Architects
Landscape Consultant
Interstice Architects


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