48 hours in Birmingham: Enjoy Stunning Architecture, Impressive Art + More [Bham Now]

Gabby Gervais, Bham Now
March 9, 2023
Interior of Golden Age Wine in Birmingham, Alabama.

Golden Age Wine in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Rob Culpepper

Four DBA projects are featured as must-see sites in Birmingham. View the full article: 48 hours in Birmingham: Enjoy Stunning Architecture, Impressive Art + More.

Day One
Stop #1: Pepper Place

Formerly a Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant established in the late 1920s, Pepper Place is now the spot for one of Birmingham’s most beloved farmers markets. It’s also become a design and dining destination whose renovated century-old brick buildings will catch the eye of any history buff.

Stop #4: CityWalk BHAM

City Walk BHAM is Birmingham’s newest attraction, comprised of 31 acres under the I 59/20 bridges that bring the community together.

BONUS: In the mood for art? Birmingham Museum of Art is full of incredible galleries to peruse, and it backs right up to CityWalk BHAM. If you have the extra time, check it out—admission is free!

Day Two
Stop #1: Bandsaw Building

Redeveloped by David Baker Architects in partnership with Locke General Contractors, this historic building is named after the rusted bandsaw that still remains in the building’s courtyard today.

  • Location: 213 25th St N Suite C, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • What you’ll find: Local small businesses June Coffee, Zephyr Barber, and Last Call Bakery all created their first brick-and-mortar locations here. Grab a signature latte and decadent pastry to kickstart your morning.
  • Design highlights:
    • June Coffee Roasters boasts a breathtaking, modern interior you have to see for yourself.
    • Don’t miss the bandsaw sculpture in the courtyard.
Stop #4: Golden Age Wine

Round out your perfect weekend exploring The Magic City with a glass of wine and curated small bites from Golden Age Wine.

  • Location: 2828 Culver Rd, Mountain Brook, AL 35223
  • What you’ll find: Located in the heart of Mountain Brook, this locally-owned spot prides itself in sustainably-grown wines and food with high-quality ingredients, placing an emphasis on farming and the environmental impact.  
  • Design highlights:
    • Golden Age Wine’s bright, airy interior, designed by David Baker Architects, perfectly complements the robust wine selection.
    • The beautiful, light natural wood shelving throughout the shop was crafted by Alabama Sawyer.