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Thank you for your interest in our firm. If you would like to contact a specific person or a person in a specific role, please see our People page.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us about a potential collaboration, to provide a service, to seek employment, or with another inquiry, please write to info@dbarchitect.com.

DBA_SFO is in the historic Clocktower Building, which we redesigned as a live-work space in 1996.

461 Second Street, Loft c127
San Francisco, CA 94107

DBA_SFO, our San Francisco office, is in the Clocktower Building on the corner of Second and Bryant Streets in SOMA. To gain entry, please call #127 from the front gate telephone. If you call from a cell phone, we cannot buzz the gate release! Once inside, make the first left and the first right. Our office is behind the large glass doors. 

DBA_OAK on San Pablo Avenue in Outer Uptown.


2135 San Pablo Avenue (office)
2040 Castro Street (workshop)

Oakland, CA 94612

DBA_OAK is our Oakland architectural office and also includes DBA_Workshop, our prototyping and fabrication studio. We're in "Outer Upper Uptown" on the corner of  San Pablo Avenue and Castro Street (right next door to the Greyhound Bus Depot). 


DBA's new headquarters in Birmingham.

213 25th Street North
Suite E
Birmingham, AL 35203


DBA_BHM is shares space with Locke Construction in a custom-adapted historic warehouse in Birmingham's Central City District.