How-To: Construction Type

Exterior view of 8th & Howard/SOMA Studios in San Francisco, Ca.

The corner of 8th and Howard Streets: This building integrates two developments—SOMA Studios and 8th & Howard Family Housing—on one urban site. 

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Brian Rose
Type V

Maximum height 60 feet of wood construction, limited to 4 stories, over a concrete podium, TYPE I. In 2014 the podium will be allowed to have 2 stories and contain residential as well as commercial and parking uses.

Type III

Type III is a more robust wood framing type that allows 5 stories over a Type I, usually concrete, podium to a maximum height of 85 feet, though without bonuses typically 65 feet.

Type I Mid-Rise

Type I Mid-Rise buildings are limited to having their highest occupied level 75 feet or less above grade. This allows 8 to 9 stories depending on ground floor ceiling height and the floor to floor height above.