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Design for Aging Review 11

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"Design for Aging Review 11" is a compilation of 30 outstanding selected for their excellence among current work designed by architects for an aging population. Two David Baker Architects projects designed for independent living for senior round out the 30: Armstrong Senior Housing in San Francisco, and Mabuhay Court in San Jose.

You can see profiles of some of the featured projects or pick up a copy of the book for your reference library here. 

Honored with a DFAR Merit Award, Armstrong Senior Housing enhances resident independence and connectivity to the greater community through its ground-floor retail and adjacency to the city's newest mass transit rail line.

The DFAR11 Insights Study provides a morecomprehensive look at statistics, patterns, and innovations impacting the seniorliving industry and design community. Download the study below.

Honored with a DFAR Merit Award, Mabuhay Court supports an interesting mixed-use, public-private partnership: This project offers nearly 100 low-income senior housing units alongside a new intergenerational community center.

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