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Stop by Winterfest 2009 on Sunday, December 6, for your SFBC membership and raffle tickets for a chance to win the Bike Quilt.

David Baker's original photo of one of his Dutch bikes, the Gazelle.

The test print of David's Gazelle photo, developed on photosensitive cotton fabric.

Gazelle in context.

David Baker and more than two dozen other artists contributed photographs and stitches to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's 2009 Bike Quilt, a collaborative art piece celebrating the San Francisco cycling experience. Printed on photosensitive fabric and stitched up by a great crafty team, the quilt will be on display in the window of 867 Valencia Street in San Francisco through December 4. Come December 6, it will be bundled off to a lucky raffle winner at Winterfest, a fundraising fete benefitting the SFBC (where David is also a member of the board).

Busy hands make short work of the quilting.

Quilt-project mastermind Nancy Botkin shows off the fruits of our labors.

The 2009 Bike Quilt!

Coordinator: Nancy Botkin

Seamstress: Nellie Barrera

Adam Aufdencamp
Adrienne Johnson
Alexander Botkin
Brooke Appler
Dale Danley
David Baker
Dustin Jensen
Heidi Engel
Jeremy Brooks
Jon Winston
JP Collins
Jym Dyer
Kate McCarthy
Kati Jackson
Kristin Tieche
Lon Cook
Nancy Botkin
Pam Deluca
Sean Reynolds

Aida Berkowitz
Annabel Ibanez
Cheryl Brinkman
Jessica Cunningham
Kenneth Toyama
Laura Salcido
Lauren Varner
Maggie Robbins
Nancy Botkin
Pam DeLuco
Sally McIntyre
Vaughn Korbin

Brooke Appler
Cat Walshak
Nancy Botkin
Pam Deluca