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"Greenways Xero Energy is as focused on the pedestrian experience as the building itself. It proposes the creation of a new district (Xero District), focused on food production and supporting local agriculture. A series of sketch vignettes illuminate the design thinking that went into the final design. All of the jurors were particularly taken with the bold section. An innovative single loaded corridor design provides opportunities for passive cooling and daylighting. Plans for flexible micro-retail locations throughout the site support the local economy and foster a sense of community. But it was the bold and visionary plan for a greenway (marking a literal 'X' across the site) that pushed this entry over the top. The Greenways Xero Energy plan is a bold, innovative and beautiful approach to a new type of urban infill."
—Eric Corey Freed, Re:Vision DALLAS juror, principal of organicARCHITECT
Cast your vote here! Visit our project page for information about our entry, a collaboration between DB+P and Fletcher Studio. For more information about the RE:Vision DALLAS competition, click here.

XERO Project thinks outside the block, creating connectivity across downtown Dallas with a pair of converging greenways centered on a sustainable community.