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Velo Vogue Profile: David Baker

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David Baker ready to ride. Image: Velo Vogue

Velo Vogue profile of David Baker, by Kristin Tieche

Name: David Baker 
Occupation: Architect

I was donating a photograph for the Walk SF benefit party being held at DBA. The entire staff rides bikes to work, and they all dress impeccably, including David Baker in his tweed wool trousers. David and I discussed the fashion differences between San Franciscan cyclists and European ones, one of which is the choice to wear a helmet or not. He showed me his pinstriped helmet.

Image: Velo Vogue

Not only was his bike an Old Dutch, but he had some retro accessories like this bell and another nice detail.

Image: Velo Vogue

The bike says a lot about the man!

Image: Velo Vogue