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PARK(ing) Day!

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Participation was rewarded with fun—and stickers.

DB+P staff picnicking in the PARK.

A call to action—or at least to lounging on the lawn—PARK(ing) Day is a city-wide event (launched by Rebar Group) that places temporary parks in metered parking spaces, momentarily upping urban green space and reconsidering car culture.

DB+P PARKed on September 21, with the whole office working together to build, host, enjoy, and break down an ephemeral two-space park with a croquet course and a garden-party vibe. Dozens of people stopped by to swing a mallet, sit on the grass, or share some lemonade and cookies. The overall response was positive and enthusiastic, although some people wouldn't believe we weren't selling anything.

Getting started on the corner of Second + Bryant.

Warning: Urban Croquet Ahead.

Let's just say...feet were bared.

A marked improvement to the corner of Second + Bryant.

Creative thinking was the theme: PARKs ranged from the practical (a beauty PARK that offered haircuts and massages) to the philosophical (a Zen koan PARK that asked, "What is the sound of one car parking?"), and even one that had live chickens.

Our sunny croquet spot stands up to morning traffic.

Parallel parking the PARKcycle at DB+P.

At the end of the day we switched gears, broke down the park, and set up the PARK(ing) Day afterparty, which was happily attended by more than 200 weary PARKmakers. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition generously provided bike valet parking out in front of our office, and Rebar's now-famous PARKcycle took up a space and a half across the street. With nearly 50 PARKs in San Francisco and 25 each in L.A. and New York—not to mention the international participation—it seems that PARK(ing) Day's DIY style has got some traction. See you in your PARK next year!

The PARKcycle creative team: Reuben Margolin, John Bela, Blaine Merker, and Matt Passmore.