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Bent, Twisted and Warped

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structural lattice from sustainable wood.

clamping jig.

Next week students at California College of the Arts will wrap up a special fall studio with renowned UK-based furniture designer David Colwell. Anyone who has met Colwell or learned about his pioneering work in environmentally sustainable craft will immediately understand what a remarkable experience this has been for his students.

We feel equally honored to host "Bent, Twisted and Warped," an exhibition (and sale!) of the students' work made from locally sourced hardwoods using Colwell's steam-bending process. On display for one weekend only, the works are experiments in the functional and sustainable benefits of wood. Each represents the designer’s effort to get from living tree to finished product in a few smart steps. 

David Colwell has been designing furniture with a focus on sustainable materials and processes for over 30 years. He advocates wood as a furniture-making material for its structural and practical efficiency, as well as for its many environmental benefits. His work is included in collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany. 

Stop by to meet the designers, learn more about Colwell's unique process of woodworking, and perhaps, find a one-of-a-kind gift.

// Saturday, December 15, 2-5PM [RSVP here!]
// Saturday, December 15, 10AM-5PM
// Sunday, December 16, 11AM-4PM

CCA students bend and twist wood.