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Construction of one of the REALIZE-CA projects. #
DBA is working with partners RMI, Association for Energy Affordability and RDH Building Sciences to demonstrate industrialized and rapidly deployable retrofit solutions for low-rise existing affordable housing in the State of California.

Led by RMI, the goal of REALIZE-CA is to establish a statewide net-zero carbon retrofit program using standardized retrofit packages to improve the affordable multifamily building stock in the state. 

DBA has spearheaded the delivery of three holistic retrofit demonstrations involving some combination of panelized wall or roof systems, window improvements, full electrification, and integrated heating, cooling ventilation systems. Together, the REALIZE-CA demonstrations are predicted to cut overall energy use by more than half, eliminate on-site fossil-fuel use, and reduce total electricity usage by at least 10%, even with new electric loads. The demonstrations also promise to substantially improve safety, resilience, and quality of life for residents.

REALIZE-CA projects in the works include:

Vera Cruz Village, Richgrove, CA

Corona del Rey, Corona, CA

Kings View Manor, Fresno, CA 


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