David Baker Architects

Custom Homes


310 Waverly Residence An urban insertion in the suburban grid, the steel and stone home at 310 Waverly in Palo Alto becomes progressively private as the rooms move toward the west.

Farm to Table Farm to Table is custom playhouse design for Dreams Happen, the annual fundraising event for Rebuilding Together Peninsula.

Healdsburg Rural House The Healdsburg Rural House was a very personal collaboration on a retirement home for a repeat client, whose first custom house we designed in 1983.

Kayo House The catwalk leading to the Kayo House distances it literally and metaphorically from the ground below. Rooms extend out on cantilevers, creating a treehouse-like sensation in Oakland.

Modularean Eco House Both playful artpiece and artful playpiece, the Modularean Eco House is a sturdy, sustainable custom dollhouse designed by David Baker and built by woodworker Julianna Sassaman.

Qc2 This proposed design for a custom home on the peninsula responds to site, sky, and light.

Redstone Cabin A cozy update of an old fishing cabin in Redstone, the Ruby of the Rockies.

Revenge of the Stuccoids The "Stuccoids"—the stucco bungalows of the flatlands—march up into the hills to merge with the "Maybecks"—the eclectic houses of Bernard Maybeck.

Shotwell Design Lab Shotwell Compound is a mixed-use urban contemporary approach to living and working. It combines the new Zero Cottage, a workshop, and an existing building that combines apartments with a gallery storefront.

Shotwell Garden Retreat

Spaghetti House David Baker's UC Berkeley M-Arch thesis project brought to life: Spaghetti House takes its name from its long, skinny footprint.

Zero Cottage A net-zero cottage addition to David Baker's Shotwell Compound.