David Baker Architects



370 Townsend Street 370 Townsend Street is an unbuilt design for a mixed-use live+work building at the edge of San Francisco's SOMA district.

Baby Boomerang A conceptual housing development, Baby Boomerang puts senior at the center of the action in Seattle.

Blossom Hill Blossom Hill is a conceptual design for supportive formerly homeless housing in San Jose, California.

Capitol Lofts Two warehouses and an office building create the base for Capitol Lofts, a conceptual live-work project, intended for R Street between 11th and 12th streets in Sacramento.

Channel Lofts Channel Lofts is a conceptual residential loft project designed for the emerging Mission Bay district of San Francisco.

Estuary Commons Developed by the All Bay Collective, Estuary Commons is a conceptual sustainable response to the Resilient by Design Challenge that welcomes changing tides into urban housing.

Hotel SOMA This high-tech, high-style hotel harmonizes with both the industrial and design elements of SoMa's character, maintaining an intimate boutique scale well suited to the neighborhood.

Housing Northwest Arkansas Initiative A collaboration with Fletcher Studio, the Housing Northwest Arkansas was a conceptual design for a mixed-use community with linear parks around a rehabilitated creek in Bentonville, Arkansas.

humanCITY humanCITY is a conceptual thought experiment that explores urban density in a nine-block grid.

Local 22 Union Hall A large meeting hall will be a flexible headquarters for Carpenters Union Local #22 in Bayview-Hunters Point.

Market Gateway Tower Market Gateway Tower is a conceptual design for a residential high-rise with retail and gallery space that presents a welcoming southern gateway to San Jose's intensifying downtown core.

Metro Lofts Metro Lofts is a conceptual design for mixed-use lofts in downtown Los Angeles in conjunction with Forest City Residential West Development.

More-Plex: A Dynamic Kit for Collaborative Living Designed for the Lowrise LA competition with Fletcher Studio, More-Plex is a conceptual design to add incremental density to a single-family lot.

People's Lane The People's Lane is a conceptual design for a commemorative project that celebrates the history of San Francisco's Octavia Boulevard.

Qc2 Qc2 is a conceptual design for a custom home on the peninsula that responds to site, sky, and light.

West Side Lofts A conceptual design for 105 homes, West Side Lofts furthers the development of a neighborhood arts district and adds to the revitalization around the local train station in Red Bank, New Jersey.

XERO Project XERO Project is a proposal for a net-zero-energy district destined for Dallas. It won first place in the 2009 Urban Re:Vision competition.