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Hotel SOMA

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Elevation with view of roof pool.

This high-tech, high-style hotel harmonizes with both the industrial and design elements of SOMA’s character, as well as maintaining an intimate scale well-suited to the neighborhood. In the design phase, this boutique hotel will feature furnishings from local artisans and a suspended rooftop glass-bottom swimming pool that will cast abstract shadow patterns on the entry drive. Clad in exterior glass panels illuminated by efficient LED lighting, the facade will appear to light up like a lantern at night.

Located at the corner of 5th and Townsend, the hotel will also be tuned-in to local transit options—CalTrain and the 3rd Street light rail are conveniently nearby—and have on-site bicycle rental, making it possible for guests to enjoy a high-end, car-free stay in San Francisco..


UPDATE: The zoning for this project has recently been changed to WMUO in the new Western Soma Plan. The building limit has been increased to 85X. Just to make things more interesting the site is part of the new Central Corridor Project, an overlay plan to address the new under construction light rail which will add a station a block away. An additional height limit increase is being considered, but would be a few years off.


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San Francisco, California





project data
Hotel SOMA
5th + Townsend streets
San Francisco, California
In design
number of units
guest rooms
density ratios
project sf (without garage)
guest room sf 37,624
lobby sf 1,420
cafe sf 1,800
service sf 2,400
site sf 12,000
acres .27
total bedrooms 64
bedrooms/acre 237
garage sf