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Modularean Eco House

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Doll's eye view.

Arranging the furniture.

The Modularean Eco House is a one-of-a-kind dollhouse created for a fundraising auction for Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. It is in a private collection. We are not producing additional dollhouses for sale.


Stylish furnishings.

The sculpture in the yard.

Designed by David Baker and built in the office woodshop by woodworker Julianna Sassaman, the modern, low-impact home is made from ecologically farmed bamboo and finished with a low-VOC soy resin.

Living room.

The light-filled loft space accommodates a to-scale collection of Bozart furnishings, all designer- and artist-approved miniatures. Clear panels slide aside opening the rooms from floor to ceiling to the environment, and skylights open for a hand to reach in and move the furniture around.

Balanced on one caster wheel, the house can be rolled onto its drought-tolerant yard of "green" orange outdoor carpeting, dotted with circular gravel basins to manage imaginary stormwater runoff. We hope the Modularean Eco House inspires you to keep your footprint light and your imagination limber.

endorsed by:

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation