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Sunrise Village

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Aerial sketch.


This multipurpose facility is designed to serve the homeless of three bay area cities; Fremont, Newark and Union City. The 17,400 square foot facility is located on a two acre suburban site, zoned light industrial, bordered at the rear by a rustic creek.

The program has two primary elements: a shelter for single homeless persons organized into 4 dormitories each with 9 bed/desk alcoves, and a shelter for families with 10 individual SRO rooms capable of being combined into suites in response to family size. Each of these uses is centered around its own landscaped courtyard which provides quiet outdoor space insulated from nearby residents. There are also two dining halls that overlook the adjacent creek. The two are separated by a "wall" building containing the entry, counseling, administrative and kitchen spaces.

Adjacent to the new structure is an existing house renovated to serve as a day care center for both homeless and neighborhood children.

Site plan.

Elevation at dusk.


Meritorious Achievement Award
Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
Honorable Mention for Design Excellence
Northern California Home + Garden

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Affordable Housing, All Projects, Micro-Units


Fremont, California


Tri-Cities Homeless Coalition

Development Consultant

MidPen Housing



project data
Sunrise Village
580 Brown Road
Fremont, California
Completed 1993
number of units
studio 66
total 66
density ratios
project sf 13,640
site sf 89,298
acres 2.1
total bedrooms 66
bedrooms/acre 32
units/acre 32
total 37
spaces/unit 0.56
type surface