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Cottonwood Commons

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Site plan.

Sketch of residential "compound" plaza.

The Cottonwood Commons site plan is divided into four quadrants, each defining a New Mexico style residential "compound", or small neighborhood. Three have 12-13 dwellings each. The fourth has 7 dwellings plus a community building with a manager's unit. The compounds are named "cielo" (sky), "piedra", (rock), "agua" (water), and "arbol" (tree).

Community center.

Existing site.

The quadrants are formed by two main pedestrian "paseos" (passages), "paseo sol" (sun) and "paseo luna" (moon). These paseos will also serve as emergency vehicle access. Private vehicle access and parking is provided by extending the existing Alamogordo street grid. Parking is primarily provided by parallel street spaces. This is very efficient and reduces the "parking lot" feel apartment complexes often have. These streets differ from the existing ones by having trees planted in the street pavement, located between the cars in flush tree basins protected by bollards. This slows cars and reduces the visual scale of the streets, as well as providing shade for the cars.

1-bedroom plan.

Interior sketch.

project details


Affordable Housing, All Projects


Alamogordo, New Mexico


Tierra Realty Trust


David Baker Architects

Associate Architect

Calott + Gifford Architecture/Urban Design



project data
Cottonwood Commons
Alamogordo, New Mexico
Completed 2006
number of units
1 bedroom 8
2 bedroom 32
2 bedroom rehabilitation
3 bedroom 4
total 60
density ratios
project sf
site sf  
total bedrooms  
total 81
spaces/unit 1.35
type on site + street