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Holloway Terrace

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Affordable ownership two and three-bedroom townhouses and a separate community building are designed to fit into the neighborhood context. The design strategy is based on a small residential scale but achieves a high density of units per acre. Completed in 1985, a development of 42 affordable units range from 942 square feet to 1,168 square feet. Nine of the units accommodate the handicapped. Each unit includes a one-car garage. Using tile roofs, and detail relief on the stucco exteriors, the design reinterprets the stylistic treatment of the surrounding neighborhood. The project is unified by a horizontal stucco string course that extends through the entire complex, climbing the site along the curved walls which enclose patios while maintaining the street edge.
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Shared pedestrian + auto mews.

Shared pedestrian + auto mews.

This view, taken in 2009 26 years after we started this project, shows a comfortable relationship with the neighborhood context.


Best Affordable Housing Development
The Bay Area Council Housing Awards
Gold Nugget Award of Merit
Pacific Coast Builders Conference

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Affordable Housing, All Projects, BRIDGE Housing, San Francisco, Townhouses


San Francisco, California


BRIDGE Housing


David Baker Architects


Roberts-Obayashi Corporation



project data
Holloway Terrace
San Francisco, California
Completed 1985
number of units
2 bedroom 34
3 bedroom 8
total 42
density ratios
project sf 46,200
site sf 61,875
acres 1.4
total bedrooms 92
bedrooms/acre 65
units/acre 30
total 42
spaces/unit 1
type private garage