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Plaza Maria

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Ground level units have entries and patios along the street edge.

Final project from the corner of 3rd and Reed.

Located in the redevelopment area of downtown San Jose, this project provides a community for 53 families. The apartments are incorporated into three buildings: a modulated four story corridor building maintaining the urban edge at the corner of 3rd and Reed streets, and two, two-story walk-ups along 4th Street. The heights, massing and detail of the buildings reflect the existing urban fabric while establishing this area as a gateway to the downtown core. To this end, the corner trellis-crowned tower signifies an entry and stands as a symbol of community.

Site plan.

View of a real life apartment, not a model.

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Affordable Housing, All Projects, Apartments


San Jose, California


San Jose Housing Department

Nonprofit Housing Developer

Mercy Housing California


David Baker Architects



project data
Plaza Maria Affordable Housing
3rd + Reed
San Jose, California
Completed 1995
number of units
1 bedroom 29
2 bedroom 21
3 bedroom 3
total 53
density ratios
project sf 74,045
site sf 60,314
acres 1.4
total bedrooms 80
bedrooms/acre 58
units/acre 38
total 53
spaces/unit 1
type private garage/surface