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Coggins Square

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Main entrance.

"Without Coggins Square, it would have taken me years longer to have stabilized after my husband's death. I feel we've created lifelong bonds and relationships in our community here." —Sabrina Shane, resident. Image: Clark James Mishler, courtesy of BRIDGE Housing

Site and landscape plan.

Coggins Square was designed and built in tandem with Iron Horse Lofts.

Located adjacent to the Pleasant Hill Bart Station in the city of Walnut Creek, Coggins Square is a building complex containing 87 units of affordable family apartments that shares a site with 54 individual market rate townhouses. 1 to 3 bedroom configurations are available for each housing type. The apartments are located in a five story building, sited on the corner of Coggins Drive and Las Juntas Way. Parking is provided in a common enclosed concrete garage at the grade level. Above the garage, 4 floors of mixed unit types are organized around 2 public courtyards. All circulation paths lead to the lobby, consisting of 2 floors of double height spaces.

Coggins Drive elevation.

Swings at the back edge of pool area.

Pool area.

The market rate component, Iron Horse Lofts, is comprised of 54 townhouses, mostly 1 and 2 bedroom configurations but with some 3 bedroom types. These townhouses front Coggins Drive, Wayside Lane or the main courtyard. Vehicle access is provided by a private road circulating within the property.


Builder's Choice Grand Award
Builder's Magazine and National Association of Home Builders

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Affordable Housing, All Projects, Apartments, BRIDGE Housing


Walnut Creek, California


BRIDGE Housing


David Baker Architects

Landscape Architect

Miller Company Landscape Architects


Segue Construction



project data
Coggins Square
1316 Las Juntas Way
Walnut Creek, California
Completed 2000
number of units
loft 28
1 bedroom 2
2 bedroom 31
3 bedroom 26
total 87
density ratios
project sf 126,039
site sf 69,452
acres 1.6
total bedrooms 170
bedrooms/acre 107
units/acre 55
total 116
spaces/unit 1.33
type podium