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Stoney Pine

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Surface parking and a view of the community building from California Avenue.

Panoramic courtyard view.

This 23-unit affordable housing development, at the northeast corner of California and Mathilda Avenues in Sunnyvale, provides independent living for developmentally disabled individuals.

Community building: a dramatic roof line and colors add visual interest to courtyard.

Matilda Avenue elevation.

The three two-story residential buildings surround an interior courtyard and interconnect via a covered arcade. The community room opens onto the courtyard by means of a great door to allow the room to expand into the courtyard for large gatherings. The door also transforms into a large movie screen, allowing residents to view films during warm summer evenings.

Site plan.

Mathilda Avenue west elevation.

The apartment configurations, one- and two-bedroom units, were carefully planned based on direct input from the developmentally disabled community. Amenities include ceiling light fixtures, refrigerators, gas ranges, and gas-fired, electric ignition wall heaters. Each unit has a microwave oven, as this request has been repeatedly heard from the developmentally disabled community. Approximately 32 residents are accommodated here, including the resident manager, who is an employee of Charities Housing Development Corporation and is responsible for management tasks related to the complex. The density of the project is 27 units per acre.

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Affordable Housing, All Projects, HUD


Sunnyvale, California


Charities Housing


David Baker Architects

Landscape Architect

Land Studio


Agresti + Associates



project data
Stoney Pine Affordable Housing
Sunnyvale, California
Completed 2001
number of units
1 bedroom 12
2 bedroom 8
3 bedroom 3
total 23
density ratios
project sf 22,607
site sf 38,330
acres 0.9
total bedrooms 37
bedrooms/acre 42
units/acre 26
total 27
spaces/unit 1.17
type carport/surface