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Farm2Market Shade Trellis

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Entry. Image: David Baker Architects

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Alameda Point Collaborative’s Farm2Market is a 2-acre community farm that runs a CSA and provides employment and job training for Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) residents. This shade trellis will be an essential component to the farm’s health and wellness offerings by enhancing the farm's ability to gather and produce healthy food and nourish nearby communities. The shade structure will be an all-wood structural supported structure that will hold up the independently-connected steel panels.

Axon view. Image: David Baker Architects

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Site plan. Image: David Baker Architects

Site visit to Alameda Farm. Image: David Baker Architects

The collaborative visited the site to brainstorm ideas and draw through some designs. And test out the farm's Meyer lemons!

Site visit to Alameda Farm. Image: David Baker Architects

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Alameda, California


Alameda Point Collaborative


David Baker Architects


BOK Modern

Structural Engineer

DCI Engineers



project data
2600 Barber's Point Road P2103
Alameda, CA
In Design
Shade structure  
Project Area (sf) 454
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1 story Type V