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Metropolitan 2323

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2nd Street Elevation. Image: David Baker Architects


Metropolitan 2323 is under construction to bring 11 market-rate, solar-ready homes to Birmingham, AL.

Interior courtyard. Image: David Baker Architects

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Interior of new condo. Image: David Baker Architects

Water diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

Solar exposure diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

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All Projects, Apartments, Market-Rate, Under Construction


Birmingham, Alabama


Metropolitan LLC


David Baker Architects

Structural Engineer

Barnett Jones Wilson

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer

Pursuit Engineering

Civil Engineer

Carr & Associates Engineers, Inc.



project data
Metropolitan 2323 21905
2323 2nd Ave S
Birmingham, AL
Under Construction
number of units
1 bedroom 3
2 bedroom 8
total 11
density ratios
project sf 12,895
site sf 7,021
acres 0.17
total bedrooms 19
bedrooms/acre 112
units/acre 65
total 4
type covered
construction type
3 stories Type III-B