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Local 38 Plumbers Union Hall

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Local 38 Plumbers Union. Image: David Baker Architects


A new office building for the Local 38 Plumber’s Union, this project is part of the larger Brady Block development complex. The intricate site features six buildings, for a total of 579 new market-rate and affordable residences, in addition to this replacement for the Union Hall, plus sprawling new landscaping.

The plan re-imagines the surrounding street and alley network, creates a new public park, and adds a mid-block passageway connecting Market Street to the new park. The new union hall includes 4 stories of office space, a gym, and a large grand hall for members to gather.

Brady Block complex along Market Street. Image: Form4 Architecture

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Conference room. Image: Form4 Architecture

Auditorium. Image: Form4 Architecture

Collaborative space. Image: Form4 Architecture

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08.2021 Construction. Image: David Baker Architects

08.2021 Construction. Image: David Baker Architects

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Offices, Under Construction


San Francisco, California


Strada Investment Group

Executive Architect

Form4 Architects

Design Architect

David Baker Architects



project data
1621 Market Street 21401
San Francisco, California
Under Construction
density ratios
acres .59
site sf 6,588
project sf 25,570
construction type
4 stories Type III-B