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Enclosed rear patio. Image: David Baker Architects


With 121 new homes, 119 Coral will be the largest permanent supportive housing project in Santa Cruz County.

Aimed at serving many of the highest utilizers of the health care system, the modular housing project will include both recuperative care and behavioral health clinics on the ground floor, as well as community space for case-management and peer support services.

With Housing Matters and New Way Homes, we are investigating some new initiatives to expedite permanent supportive housing and create long-term homes at 119 Coral. The modular project has ultra-efficient energy goals and will be an all-electric building.

Microgrid diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

Density bonus diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

New Way Homes is tapping non-traditional funding sources for affordable housing for Harvey West Studios, one of the next big projects for “180 Together,” a 9-year initiative to end chronic homelessness in Santa Cruz County. The project will utilize AB 1763, a density bonus for affordable housing, increasing the building’s height allotment in the area.

Creating permanently supportive housing is a team effort. We are thrilled to be working with Housing Matters, New Way Homes, the Central CA Alliance for Health (CCAH), the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County, and civil engineering partners C2G on this project.

Roof deck. Image: David Baker Architects

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Community room. Image: David Baker Architects

Modular diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

Site Orientation diagram. Image: David Baker Architects

Community kitchen. Image: David Baker Architects

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Entry. Image: David Baker Architects

Building With Purpose from Housing Matters on Vimeo.


Climate Action 2022: Harvey West Studios

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Santa Cruz, California


New Way Homes


David Baker Architects



project data
119 Coral Street 21709
Santa Cruz, California
In Design
number of units
studio 120
manager's unit 1
total 121
density ratios
project sf 55,292
site sf 33,672
acres 0.77
total bedrooms 121
bedrooms/acre 157
units/acre 157
construction type
4 stories Type III, over I story Type I modular