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Tidal House

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Aerial View of project looking towards San Francisco. Image: David Baker Architects

Bruton Corner. Image: David Baker Architects

The project is located on parcel C.24, one of the first to be developed on Treasure Island. The 20-story residential building includes 248 homes over active ground floor uses, including a 1,900-sf cafe, and entry lobby with leasing offices, live/work units, and a 6,600-sf courtyard designed by GLS Landscape Architects.

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Flex Lofts along the Shared Public Way. Image: David Baker Architects


The project is bounded to the north by the dynamic Shared Public Way that extends through all sites in the first phase of development on Treasure Island. The Shared Public Way, designed by CMG Landscape Architects, will connect residents of all buildings and will privilege pedestrians and cyclists over cars.

Shared Public Way, designed by CMG Architects. Image: David Baker Architects

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View from San Francisco Bay towards the project and Icon Tower beyond. Image: David Baker Architects


The building addresses views of the Bay Bridge, City of San Francisco, and Golden Gate Bridge with its' sawtooth facade.

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All Projects, Market-Rate, On the Boards, Tall


San Francisco, California


Treasure Island Development Group


David Baker Architects

Landscape Architect

GLS Landscape/Architecture



project data
Tidal House 21851
San Francisco, California
number of units
studio 19
1 bedroom 109
1 bedroom live/work 1
Junior 1 bedroom 16
2 bedroom 95
2 bedroom live/work 9
3 bedroom 2
total 250
density ratios
project sf 313,236
site sf 36,647
acres 0.84
total bedrooms 357
bedrooms/acre 446
units/acre 295
construction type
22 stories Type IA