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The Grove

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Aerial View

The Grove is a dynamic new neighborhood of townhomes in Durham, North Carolina, just south of the bustling City Center. The project is situated around a series of neighborhood mews that serve as green connectors and extended front porches for residents. Pedestrians and front doors are privileged and cars separated from pedestrian on shared slow street driveways.

Steep topography and an environmentally sensitive site led DBA to design the project around a continuous 'green loop' accessible by nearly all units.

Phase 1 is currently under construction!

Site Plan

Grove Mews - Street Entry

The grove mews green loop connects residents and serves as the front door and extended porch for all units.

It terminates at the grove park, where residents and neighbors alike can gather to barbecue, plan bocce, or decompress under the shaded trees.

Grove Park

Street Corner

Townhomes address both street and mews sides for an active street life on all edges