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West Side Lofts

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Perspective sketch of Edmund Wilson Boulevard by David Baker.

Conceptual perspective sketch by David Baker.

Street-level view from corner of Bridge Avenue and West Front Street, created by Kevin Markarian, db+p.

A miniature transit-oriented village in tune with its arts-district location, West Side Lofts includes apartments, artist studios, pedestrian plazas and retail space convenient to the Red Bank commuter rail station.

The building, massed so as to create the more intimate sense of four smaller structures, wraps around a landscaped courtyard, viewable from the glassed-in passages connecting the building elements. Apartments featuring private decks and pop-out bays overlook this pedestrian mews, which draws people through the site to the active sidewalk lined with cafes, galleries, and antiques shops.

A row of live-work units, facing a new theater, will provide studio, gallery, and living space to local artists, while a two-story brew pub will draw in people from the neighborhood. Residential and retail parking are hidden from street view by wrapping the parking structure with the residential units.

Aerial computer visualization.

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Red Bank, New Jersey




David Baker Architects



project data
West Side Lofts
Red Bank, New Jersey
In design
number of units
1 bedroom 71
2 bedroom 28
live/work 6
total 105
retail sf 20,920
density ratios
project sf 241,265
site sf 80,314
acres 1.8
total bedrooms 133
bedrooms/acre 74
units/acre 58
total 204
spaces/unit 1.9
type embedded