Press Kit
Feel free to use this text and these images to promote events in which David Baker is participating.

HOW TO: Construction Type
The basics of how Construction Type influences building form under the IBC in the San Francisco Bay region.

HOW TO: Green Outside the Box
Strategies for sustainable design outside the building, both inside the property line, the "site", and beyond to the surrounding streets.

HOW TO: Pedestrian Retail
Designing retail that's oriented to the pedestrian is key to creating a vital urban environment.

HOW TO: Stoops
Stoops that connect private living spaces to public streets are one core strategy for enlivening the edges of urban buildings.

HOW TO: Gates

HOW TO: Transit-Oriented Developments
David Baker discusses the merits of and strategies for creating Transit-Oriented Developments.

HOW TO: Bicycle Parking
Strategies for well-designed bicycle parking.

HOW TO: Bicycle Network Toolbox
Design tools for urban bicycle networks.

Architectural Design Strategies
Lavishing creativity and consideration on the design of the human environment results in a link with future inhabitants.

Design of Community
Design implementation requires community involvement, contextual design, and a lot of communication.

Mr. + Mrs. Bernard W. Baker
Emilie Baker, 1914-2008 The best mom I ever had. Bernard W. Baker, 1899-1981 My dad was a self-trained architect who designed and built the solar house where I was born.

db Paints!
David Baker paints.

db Knits!
I recently learned how to knit and it's a blast.

db Bikes!
These are my bicycles that provide the majority of my transportation, both to the grocery store and the next hill town in Tuscany.

db Sits!
This is my collection of chairs—many of which came from my parents, who went through a modern awakening in the 1950s under the influence of Arts and Architecture magazine.

Learning from our—and others'—mistakes. A close consideration of successful and unsuccessful architectural details.

HOW TO: Building Skins
Random photos of exterior materials and approaches to building skins.

Metric Scales
This guide will help you get a feel for what's going on by relating common metric scales to English counterparts.