HOW-TO: Pedestrian Retail
Designing retail that's oriented to the pedestrian is key to creating a vital urban environment.

HOW-TO: Ceilings
There's more to life than T-Bar hung ceilings. Creatively exposing the structure can add height and save cost.

HOW-TO: Bicycle Parking
Strategies for well-designed bicycle parking.

HOW-TO: Wabi Sabi
A small exploration of the Japanese concept of materiality and space.

HOW-TO: Bicycle Toolbox
Design tools for urban bicycle networks.

HOW-TO: Stoops
Stoops that connect private living spaces to public streets are one core strategy for enlivening the edges of urban buildings.

HOW-TO: Construction Type
The basics of how Construction Type influences building form under the IBC in the San Francisco Bay region.

HOW-TO: Gates

HOW-TO: Textured Concrete

HOW-TO: Corten

HOW-TO: Green Outside the Property Line
Strategies for sustainable design outside the building, both inside the property line, the "site", and beyond to the surrounding streets.

HOW-TO: Building Skins
Exterior materials and approaches to building skins.

HOW-TO: Metric Scales
This guide will help you get a feel for what's going on by relating common metric scales to English counterparts.