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The cards have slots so you can build things.

With the help of Public Design, we refreshed our postcards in 2012 with eight new editions featuring recent projects. Inspired by the Eames's House of Cards, the cards have slots so you can build with them. Interactive!

The card cases were micro-manufactured on TechShop's computer-driven laser cutter.


Yes Duffy of our team has designed a "flat pack" box to store your set of cards. It's made at Tech Shop with their computer driven laser cutter.

CARD: Drs. Julian and Raye Richardson Apartments.

CARD: Armstrong Place Senior Apartments.

CARD: Tassafaronga Village Townhouses.

CARD: The Pasta Factory at Tassafaronga Village.

CARD: Pacific Cannery Lofts.

CARD: h2hotel




CARD: 200 Second Street

CARD: Ironhorse at Central Station

Collect them all!

If you'd like a physical set of cards plus a box send us a check for $8 and we will USPS one back to you.