FAIRFAX FORAY: A Free-Wheeling Bicycle Adventure with the SFBC

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It takes a little less than three hours to ride from the Ferry Building to Fairfax.

Assemble at Ferry Building Plaza, Saturday, June 9, 2012, 7;30 am, departure at 8 SHARP!

This day trip fund raiser cruises up the coast and offers a great change of scenery at a relaxed pace. A perfect jaunt for those looking for their first "ambitious" bike ride—you can do it! And Marin will be forever within your reach as a cycling destination!

We'll meet at the San Francisco Ferry Building Plaza and ride north across the Golden Gate Bridge to visit Fairfax during their annual Fairfax Festival. This 22-mile ride and takes just under three hours at a reasonable non-roadie pace.

We'll arrive in Fairfax by 11, in time to catch some of the little town's famous parade. After indulging in music, beer, bbq oysters, roasted corn, tie-dye, and crafts under the redwoods, you may choose between two options for the return: either a short (40-minute) cycle over to the Larkspur Ferry, or for the more ambitious, a return 22-mile ride retracing our route. There will be leaders to return both ways—the group does not need to reach concensus! If you choose to take the ferry, you will need to purchase your own ticket at the terminal or have a Translink Card.

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Fairfax Foray! SFBC Bicycle Tour from Db+P, Architects on Vimeo.

2009 Spoke Card in situ.

You'll need to bring a bike in good working order, water, snacks, sunblock, and layers of clothing to be comfortable. This is an accessible ride for a semi-regular cyclist. Maybe it's your first trip out of town under your own power? You can do it—no need for spandex tights or other fancy gear (though they are welcome).

mile 0.0

Fairfax Foray ride, June 13th, 2009. Image: Dustin Jensen

7:00 am: Assemble at the San Francisco Ferry Building Plaza for an 8 am SHARP departure.

This is so we don't miss the parade in Fairfax, which is super fun!

mile 5.3-7.1

8:15 am: Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge bicycle path.

mile 16.2-17.0

Corte Madera is the start of a section of off street bicycle trails.

mile 22.4

10:30 am: Arrive Fairfax bike valet parking area.

Enjoy the Fairfax Festival Parade and Festival!

mile 0.0

2:40 pm: Leave Fairfax. Choose between a short jaunt to the ferry or a complete return ride.

mile 5.9

3:40 pm: Larkspur Ferry leaves for S.F. Ferry Building.

jiggidy jog!

4:30 p.m.: Ferry arrives at S.F. Ferry Building.
dbarchitect's Fairfax Foray! photoset dbarchitect's Fairfax Foray! photoset
2010 Ride a big success!

Last year the ride was almost canceled as I broke my shoulder (not by falling off a bicycle) but my best buddy Rob Bregoff with the help of rocking SFBC volunteer Kim came through to make it happen!