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Consider buying Design for Good from our friends at Builders Booksource in Berkeley to support local booksellers as well as social-impact architecture. Send an email to arrange for an author-signed copy!

DBA's Lakeside Senior Apartments—supportive housing for low-income, special needs, and formerly homeless seniors—is a featured project in the Design for Community section of the new book. Image: Mariko Reed


Everyone deserves good design. 

Join David Baker Architects for the launch of Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone—author John Cary’s captivating new book focused on the dignifying power of design.

With a powerful foreword by Melinda Gates, the book showcases 20 diverse building projects from around the world. With its deep focus on clients, users, and the human impact of design, it’s safe to say there has never been another book like it.

 DBA’s award-winning Lakeside Senior Apartments in Oakland—our affordable senior housing collaboration with SAHA—is featured as an example of "design for community."


"Through rich stories and breathtaking images, author John Cary makes a compelling and fresh argument that architects have an opportunity to not just build buildings, but build dignity."   —Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation


Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone is published by Island Press and is available in paperback and hardcover. 

An architect by training, John Cary has devoted his career to expanding the practice of design for the public good. Cary’s first book was The Power of Pro Bono. His writing on design, diversity, and philanthropy has appeared in The New York Times, CNN.com, dwell, and numerous other publications.