Shotwell Design Lab, San Francisco, California

DIAGRAM Shotwell Compound SHOTWELL: in 2000 DWELL cover 2008 SHOTWELL: exterior from Shotwell Street. SHOTWELL: exterior brown as of 12.15.2007 SHOTWELL: street in the evening. MILLMAN front of Shotwell evening 2013 339: upstairs front door in brown 339 gate detail with aluminum bars MILLMAN front gate of Shotwell 2013 339: aluminum front entry stair, glass partition, James Benn cast soft latex light fixtures. 339: Benn fixtures and glass partition 339: glass partition detail 339: living room 339: 3D computer working drawing of living room upshift big room from NE corner. MILLMAN 339 living room vertical 2013 MILLMAN 339 living room horizontal 2013 upSHIFT view throught the big room out to the factory CLAIRE-drawing in living room 2011 My cat Charco on the Robsjohn Gibbings chaise lounge. bike 339: Dining room table. Custom table fabricated by Thomas Jameson in 1989; doll fabricated by Jessica Cunningham in 2006 339: Shoji screen and small Paco Prieto walnut table 339: kitchen with Shoji doors closed, lights off. 339: kitchen Shoji doors open 339: kitchen with Shoji doors closed lights on. 339: kitchen with Shoji doors partially open 339: kitchen with Shoji doors closed partially to screen kitchen w bamboo 339: kitchen with Shoji doors closed partially to screen kitchen w bamboo lights off 339: kitchen closed Shoji doors at night. upshift kitchen shoji screen detail upSHIFT kitchen open doors upSHIFT kitchen pantry detail. upSHIFT kitchen sink upSHIFT kitchen stove upSHIFT stove hood is an altar of chachki. upSHIFT kitchen shelves detail 1. upSHIFT kitchem drawer unit, closed upSHIFT kitchem drawer unit, one open upSHIFT kitchem drawer unit, all open upSHIFT tub upSHIFT bathroom panorama. upSHIFT bathroom nitch upSHIFT bathroom casework upSHIFT bathroom sink detail upSHIFT bathroom picture light upSHIFT master bedroom casework Charco in bed from upSHIFT bedroom detail of Luxo L-1 and tulips guest bedroom 339: pantry casework upSHIFT pivot window in closed position upSHIFT pivot window in open position upSHIFT pivot window bottom upSHIFT no baseboards! Db+P: 337 studio living room Db+P: 337 studio kitchen and sleeping area Db+P: 337 studio kitchen with view to courtyard Db+P: 337 studio kitchen rear yard (horizontal) Exotic-metal scrap shingles cover the back elevation. deck from above ROSE courtyard in 2013 WHY sign in the backyard. lettuce tomato salad COURTYARD: deck from below upSHIFT deck detail from below rain garden gravel collection basin from above. DBA Raingarden courtyard steel and stone detail MILLMAN exterior gate and passage MILLMAN mural and passage 2013 MURAL: artist Andrew Schoultz working on his mural in the pedestrian passage to the rear courtyard. MURAL: flat documentation DWELL: Living room. Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Kitchen. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Kitchen detail. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Master bedroom. Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Bedroom detail. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Office detail. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Bathroom detail. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Courtyard. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell DWELL: Courtyard and woodshop. Image: Dave Lauridsen/Dwell GREEN: bike garage JC 11.06.2008 GREEN: solar PV array. GREEN: solar PV system daily graph GREEN: solar dhw CONSTRUCTION: db frames overall CONSTRUCTION: db frames CONSTRUCTION: db frames sighting down a 2x4 CONSTRUCTION: Shotwell Street east side in 2000. neighbor's sausage SHIFT sunset. PLAN site plan.