Fillmore Park, San Francisco, California

BRUCE DAMONTE: entry elevation from lift BRUCE DAMONTE: Exterior ipe entry (with Yes) BRUCE DAMONTE: entry stair BRUCE DAMONTE: courtyard straight on BRUCE DAMONTE: courtyard view to left BRUCE DAMONTE: townhouse elevation across planter BRUCE DAMONTE: townhouse mews BRUCE DAMONTE: Townhouse mews with stair BRUCE DAMONTE: townhouse fence detail BRUCE DAMONTE: courtyard view toward street BRUCE DAMONTE: orange stairway detail Grand Opening graphic Samba dancers at Grand Opening May 11, 2012 DAMONTE SCOUT lobby ceiling Dbarchitect: courtyard with Dunns CONSTRUCTION: Turk Street elevation from west CONSTRUCTION 2012.03.31 Copper bay CAd: aerial of site 2010.01.14 CAD: Turk Street perspective view.. CAD: Turk Street elevation CAD: courtyard rendering CAD: location map CAD: elevation north, Turk Street CAD: secion perspective north south. PLAN: level one PLAN: level two Fillmore Park breaks ground, October 2010. Fillmore Park Groundbreaking: Gussie's Chicken and Waffles in the house. Fillmore Park Groundbreaking: Jazz band on the move. Panorama January 13, 2011 Panorama January 7, 2011 Panorama January 4, 2011 Panorama December 17, 2010 CONSTRUCTION: guitar pick form