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Entering the interactive space, a shared public space.

UC Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology (MBEST) Center is part of the reuse strategy for the former Fort Ord military base. Designed as the new headquarters building for the UC MBEST Center administrative offices, UCSC Extension, the city of Marina Small Business Incubator, as well as additional tenants. It is a synergistic project combining public and private organizations to create a postindustrial model for sustainable economic growth.

UCSC developed the MBEST Center, a 26,000-square-foot headquarters complex, as a cornerstone of the Fort Ord redevelopment plan. The center aims to foster regional economic development and job creation by establishing a community of high-technology businesses.

Twin-wall skylights provide a flood of natural light for the interactive space, despite the typical foggy weather.

Main street approach to MBEST.

Small business incubators connecting to the interactive space.

A clear view through side doors leading from one small business incubator to another.

Eastern view of small business incubator from project parking lot.

Interior incubator.

Sliding doors simultaneously invoke rural barns and urban warehouses.

A wall of windows separates the interactive space and outside entrance to one of the small business incubators.

Custom lighting fixtures designed by Jeff Burris for the meeting areas.

Conference rooms A and B provide the flexibility of space with floor to ceiling folding doors.

A roundabout view from Research Drive.

Checkered water tower adjacent to site.

Flaming ice plant covers the sandy hills.

Wind-blown trees and settled fog surround the site.

Pre-existing site.

Aerial view.

Computer rendering of proposed design for main entrance.

Computer rendering of courtyard.

Interactive space.

Aerial site plan.

Sketch of site plan.

Design model.

Scaled model view of side entrance to common space.

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All Projects, Offices


Santa Cruz, California


University of California, Monterey Bay Education, Science, + Technology

Affiliated Government Agency

University of California, Santa Cruz


David Baker Architects


Tombleson Construction



project data
UC Monterey Bay Education Science + Technology Center
City of Marina, California
Completed 2001
conference rooms
kitchen/rest rooms
tenant space
interactive space
density ratios
project sf 26,841
site sf 99,000
acres 2.3
f.a.r. .27
total 77