Indiana Industrial Lofts

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Northwestern view across 25th Street. Image: Brian Rose.

A closer view provides a glimpse into the central courtyard. Image: Brian Rose.

Through the fennel and barbed wire the industrial lofts appear. Image: Brian Rose.

At the base of San Francisco's Potrero Hill, these live+work lofts take full advantage of-—and contribute to—the industrial aspects of the area.

Lofts are sited to create a dynamic relationship between the buildings and broken up into "building blocks" to mitigate each unit's long volume. The orientation and elevation of each space were thoughtfully considered to respond to specific views afforded by the neighborhood.

Unit entries are through a central shared open court, which also provides cross ventilation and additional natural light. True working lofts, the units fronting Indiana Street feature direct street access through 8-by-14-foot doors.

Northeastern view along Minnesota Street. Image: Brian Rose.

An eastern view across Minnesota Street reveals the parking garage. Image: Brian Rose.

Northern view along Indiana Street. Image: Brian Rose.

Indiana Street elevation. Image: Brian Rose.

Three street level lofts access Indiana through 12' high Dutch doors. Image: Brian Rose.

A southeastern view further down Minnesota Street. Image: Brian Rose.

Privacy screens provide individual space along the shared balconies. Image: Brian Rose.

Bridges span the central courtyard on two levels. Image: Brian Rose.

Offset slots house circulation and provide side windows. Image: Brian Rose.

Lower level bridge in central courtyard. Image: Brian Rose.

Detail of door gear.

Artisan door, exterior.

Artisan door, interior.

View from top of Potrero Hill of the IIL poking above the freeway.


Gold Nugget Award of Merit—Best Apartment Project up to 4 Stories
Pacific Coast Builders Conference

project details


All Projects, Lofts, Market-Rate, San Francisco


San Francisco, California


Overland Development


David Baker Architects


project data
Indiana Industrial Lofts
1415 Indiana Street
San Francisco, California
Completed 1999
number of units
loft 18
total 18
density ratios
project sf 37,809
site sf 11,700
acres 0.3
total bedrooms 18
bedrooms/acre 67
units/acre 67
total 18
spaces/unit 1
type partial podium