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Edwina Benner Plaza

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Main entry. Image: David Baker Architects

Edwina Benner Plaza is named after the first female mayor in California. Benner was mayor of Sunnyvale from 1924 to 1926 and again from 1937 to 1938.

Edwina Benner Plaza is a vibrant, multi-family community bringing 66 new homes to the City of Sunnyvale.

Bounded by Highway 237, an active Hindu temple, and residential uses, the site plan responds to and respects the existing residential, civic, and commercial context. Elements on the site are organized to promote an environment for healthy living, to cultivate a sense of community, and to maximize connection to the landscape.

The building is sited to address the proximity of the highway, which runs parallel to Persian Drive. The massing strategy and program arrangement—orienting the residential program away from the front of the building—shield the common areas and residential units from noise and pollution.

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Overall aerial 2017.19.17. Image: David Baker Architects

Lower courtyard. Image: David Baker Architects

Upper courtyard. Image: David Baker Architects

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Upper level plan. Image: David Baker Architects

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Site plan. Image: David Baker Architects

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Sunnyvale, California


MidPen Housing


David Baker Architects



project data
Edwina Benner Plaza 21511
Sunnyvale, California
Under Construction
number of units
1 bedroom 30
2 bedroom 19
3 bedroom 17
total 66
density ratios
project sf 110,612
site sf 57,645
acres 1.32
total bedrooms 119
bedrooms/acre 90
units/acre 45.5
open space sf 13,513
open space sf/unit 205
total 87
accessible  3
tandem 17
covered 84
spaces/unit 1.3
type  surface
bicycle parking 64