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Harmon Guest House

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Looking north on Healdsburg Avenue with the h2hotel in the foreground. Image: DBA

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Aerial of the new design in its Healdsburg context. Image: David Baker Architects

An expansion to the family, the Harmon Guest House joins h2hotel and Hotel Healdsburg to complete a trio of boutique eco-hotels adjacent to the square in Healdsburg.

The new guest house sits on a narrow lot just to the north of h2hotel, bringing more sustainable accommodations and a needed parking resource for the popular wine-country town.

At ground level, a dramatic glass entry lobby and green stair set the tone of openness and welcome. The transparent façade is screened with reclaimed redwood sun-shading and vine-covered cable trellises at the street level. A sheltered bus-stop waiting bench is built into the face of the hotel.

Harmon Guest House features 39 efficient rooms—including six suites—in intimate pods grouped at the front and rear of the site. Between, a central courtyard brings in light and air, and glassed-in bridges connect the rooms across the court.

To the rear, the hotel overlooks Foss Creek. As part of its design and construction, the guest house is contributing to the further restoration of this riparian corridor. The property spans the creek, with a footbridge crossing over to a creekside park with preserved and protected trees and native plantings.

Each guest room enjoys private outdoor space by way of a balcony or patio, and each has a view out toward either the main street and town square or the swimming pool and creek-side park behind.

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Section in east-west direction. Image: DBA

The upper level of the community-oriented hotel features an indoor-outdoor rooftop lounge overlooking the neighboring h2hotel's waving green roof and a bright meeting room facing Healdsburg Avenue.

Guest parking is provided via valet-served parking lifts in a super-efficient, out-of-sight garage entered from Healdsburg Avenue. The garage also accommodates a fleet of shared bicycles as well as secure bicycle parking for guests.

2016.11 The first level textured concrete walls are complete. Image: David Baker Architects

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Upper level plan.

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Second level plan.

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Ground level plan.

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Healdsburg Avenue elevation. Image: David Baker Architects

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Computer visualization of a Standard Room looking out towards the deck. Image: David Baker Architects

Standard Room plan. Image: David Baker Architects