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855 Brannan Street

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View from Townsend Circle. Image: DBA

855 Brannan, a new mixed-use development in the Showplace Square neighborhood of San Francisco, is currently under construction.

This project brings nearly 432 homes to Showplace Square. San Francisco's affordability crisis is addressed by permanently dedicating <> apartments as affordable to income qualified tenants, and providing a site to the San Francisco Mayor's Office of housing to accommodate over <> additional affordable family apartments.

Public open space includes a large courtyard with a redwood grove, a pedestrian through block passage, and widened sidewalks.

High ceiling retail space include a La Cocina food marketplace for graduates of their entrepreneur micro food production program.

2015.07.16 The site is cleared and construction started.

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Site plan of 855 Brannan. Image: CMG

DIAGRAM View from the southeast. Image: DBA

DIAGRAM Pleated Fabric. Image: DBA


The Peated Fabric is defined by its waviness and special composit rainscreen.

8th Street and the Living Alley. Image: DBA

DIAGRAM View from the southwest. Image: DBA

DIAGRAM Corduroy Fabric. Image: DBA


Corduroy skin consists of vertical standing seam metal, Core-ten rusting steel and galvanized steel.

The "Corduroy Fabric" corner of 8th and Brannan

DIAGRAM Eyelet Fabric. Image: DBA


Offset window pattern in white cement plaster define the Eyelet Fabric, which is used on the internal "cut" masses.

The Market Mews with its "Eyelet" fabric. Image: DBA

Diagram: Open space. Image: David Baker Architects


This pedestrian passage lined with Flex Space extends from Brannan Street to the private alley.

Market mews. Image: DBA


High ceiling retail space fronts 8th Street.

8th Street retail space. Image: DBA

Main lobby entry from Brannan Street with cor-ten steel "Corduroy" fabric. Image: DBA

North corner at garden mews. Image: DBA

The intersection of 8th and Brannan with traffic. Image: DBA

"Pleated" wall detail. Image: David Baker Architects

Early conceptual sketch view from the Townsend Traffic Circle. Image: DBA

Preliminary sketch of 8th Street and living alley.

Early conceptual design sketch of the Living Alley. Image: DBA

Early conceptual design sketch: The Market Mews provides a public connection from Brannan Street to the Living Alley/Market Plaza to the east. Image: DBA

Early conceptual design sketch looking down the Marketplace through block pedestrian passage. Image: DBA

Early conceptual design sketch of 855 Brannan main lobby. Image: DBA

Garage section perspective. Image: DBA

Aerial context: Neighborhoods

Aerial context: Bicycles

Aerial context: Transit

Aerial context: Open space

Aerial diagram: Active edges. Image: David Baker Architects

Diagram: Lobbies and verticals. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Community spaces. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Residential units. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial: Commercial space. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Leasing space. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Flex spaces. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Garage. Image: David Baker Architects

Aerial diagram: Bicycles. Image: David Baker Architects

The 801 Brannan Open House event on January 11 invited neighbors to meet the development team and preview the proposed design.

Area workers and residents got a look at the proposed design at the Open House on January 11.

An example of food truck parking

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All Projects, Apartments, Market-Rate, San Francisco, Under Construction


San Francisco, CA


Equity Residential

Landscape Architect

CMG Landscape Architects



project data
855 Brannan Street   21117
San Francisco, California
Under Construction
number of units
studio 75 
1 bedroom  166
2 bedroom  176
3 bedroom  9
flex residential loft  6
total  432
retail sf  22,124
density ratios
project sf 675,882
site sf 226,875
acres 4.34
total bedrooms 606
bedrooms/acre 140
units/acre  100
total  422
spaces/unit 0.98
car share  4
bicycle  432