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Corner at Fourth Street and Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

This affordable mixed-use building will fill the western portion of Block 7—on Fourth Street between China Basin and Mission Bay Boulevard North—within Mission Bay South Redevelopment Area.

The development brings 200 residences and 10,000 sf of neighborhood-serving retail to the developing area. The retail arcade wraps around the corner at Mission Bay Boulevard North, creating a lively interaction with the adjacent UCSF campus.

The large building steps down from four stories at the west side of the block to three stories toward the east. The massing is broken into discrete volumes to create a varied, interesting, and accessible street edge.

This high-density design is located along the Fourth Street bicycle route and adjacent to the Third Street Light Rail. It features 200 secure residential bicycle parking spaces as well as visitor bicycle parking.

The development design will incorporate a series of complementary sustainable strategies—such as energy efficiency, domestic solar hot-water panels, and drought-tolerant landscaping—to achieve a high GreenPoint Rating.

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Aerial view in January, 2016.

2015.10.29 The "dancing column" with special concrete texture.

Mission Bay Commons Park

This parkway leads to the San Francisco Bay to the North.

Entry and green stair facing Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

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Fourth Street retail frontage. Image: DBA


Pedestrian oriented retail stretches along the Fourth Street elevation.

Pedestrian retail on Fourth Street. Image: DBA

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Pedestrian mews which runs from China Basin Street to the Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

China Basin Mews


Along China Basin, a landscaped pedestrian corridor provides access to the exterior units, which connect to the mews via raised porches.

The China Basin Street entry to the pedestrian mews which runs through the block to Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

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The commons pavilion building in the courtyard. Image DBA



The building wraps around a large communal open space for gathering and relaxing. At the west side, a second-level podium courtyard tops the embedded garage; at the east a ground-level courtyard features a community pavilion with space and amenities for residents to gather, cook, or do laundry. The courtyard, while secure and protected, is visually open, providing glimpses of green to to passersby through the entryway.

Roberto Burle Marx is the Brazilian landscape architect and painter who inspired Gary Strang's landscape design.

Podium courtyard with play zone, planters, and vegetated cactus roof. Image: DBA

Courtyard with private stoops and residential entry. Image: DBA

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Podium-level landscape plan by GLS.

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Street-level landscape plan by GLS. The wonderful Brazilian Landscape Architect and Painter Roberto Burle Marx was inspirational to the design.

Fourth Street and Mission Bay Boulevard North, view toward the south. Image: DBA

Entry facing Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

China Basin Street perspective. Image: DBA

China Basin Street entry. Image: DBA

The north facing China Basin Street elevation. Image: DBA

The east facing Pedestrian Mews elevation. Image: DBA

The south elevation faces Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

The west facing elevation Fourth Street elevation features a pedestrian oriented retail base. Image: DBA

The north-south section shows the high garage with its double high mechanical puzzle lifts. Image: DBA

East-west section showing the two level courtyard. Image: DBA

The east-west courtyard section looking out the gap towards Mission Bay Commons Park. Image: DBA

Aerial view looking northeast, with LMS's Family House on Block 7 East.

Aerial view looking southwest.



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San Francisco, CA


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project data
Mission Bay Block 7 West
Mission Bay Boulevard North and Fourth Street
San Francisco, California
In Design
number of units
1-bedroom 72
2-bedroom 128
total 200
retail sf 10,079
density ratios
project sf 230,422
site sf 80,859
acres 1.86
total bedrooms 328
bedrooms/acre 176
units/acre 108
total 100
GreenPoint Rated