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Image: Matt Millman

Store Front Lab is part of the Shotwell Compound

Jeremy Mende designed the new StoreFrontLab logo in 2015.

StoreFrontLab is an exploration of storefronts as places of community, creativity and local industry. Located at 337 Shotwell Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, and funded by the Micro Mission 888 Foundation, StoreFrontLab invites proposals for experiments lasting from one day to one month.


We don’t mean to be vague, but just as a storefront can serve many purposes — from an accountant’s office to a cafe, and from a neighborhood grocery to an atelier — we’re imagining an eclectic mix of proposals. Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:

An installation, activity or event that capitalizes on the storefront’s lens-like quality. An apothecary specializing in potions for peace and love. A temporary workshop with an endgame in mind Exhibits, lectures, readings, performances, pop-up stores and anything else that builds community and positive thinking.

For more information please visit the StorefrontLab.org web site.

creativity rules at StoreFrontLab.org

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Plan of StoreFrontLab.org

PDF IconStorefront Lab 2012

Click the link above for an 11" x 17" PDF dimensioned plan of the StoreFrontLab.org space.

Image of the PDF file posted for download.

THOUGHT FOR FOOD artist made popsicles engage the community outside the gallery.

StoreFrontLab engages the street at this DEEP CRAFT event in 2012.


This event in the Fall of 2012 featured objects manufactured by artists during the week with a pop-up store on the weekends. Ene and Scott Constable organized their community of artist friends.

DEEP CRAFT pop up artists' store. This event by Ene and Scott Constable.

Skill Exchange Workshop @ StoreFrontLab.org