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Oakland, California

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2014.04.09 the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 15th Street takes shape.

On the site of the previous parking lot of the Rose of Sharon Senior Homes, this project brings 92 new affordable senior units to Oakland plus—in an embedded garage—sufficient parking for both senior housing developments. The new community will provide homes for seniors and seniors with special needs and will offer van transport services to the population. The site is just one block from—and boasts spectacular views of—the Lake Merritt waterfront, as well as within convenient walking range of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and shops.

2014.04.09 The west facing courtyard will capture afternoon sun. The windows in the "bridge" open from an informal social space.

Sketch study: How the courtyard meets the sidewalk.


The west facing main courtyard opens to the street. Afternoon sun warms this sheltered common space. The private courtyards are visible to passersby, creating a balance between security and transparency and connecting the life of the building to the larger neighborhood.

A group shot on the roof deck. From left to right: Billy Forrest AIA, Cindy Heavens - SAHA, Devon - SAHA, Daniel Simons AIA, David Baker FAIA, Nadia Akel - Roberts Ohbayashi Construction

2014.09.24 Hardy trim random siding detail.


The building proceeds with occupancy scheduled for Fall of 2014.


The mid-size building mass is broken into two volumes that step down, creating a transition between the existing high-rises and low-scale residences. Particular care was taken with the profile of the building to protect the light and views enjoyed by the adjacent buildings. Additionally, bays and color blocks further break the mass into accessible volumes. At the upper level, a bridge spans the courtyard, connecting the two residential blocks.

The new building activates the street edge with three separate lobbies as well as stoop units that connect directly to the surrounding sidewalks. 

Throughout the building, breakout nooks provide places for seniors to gather outside of their units. Small furnished pockets with lake and city views afford a chance for rest, visiting, or passively engaging with the greater life of the building.

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project details


Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA)

Landscape Architect

PGA Design


Roberts-Obayashi Corporation


project data
Lakeside Senior Housing 20911
115 East 15th Street
Oakland, California
Completed December 2014
number of units
1 bedroom 91
2 bedroom (manager) 1
total 92
density ratios
project sf 107,892
site sf 28,947
acres 0.66
total bedrooms 93
bedrooms/acre 138
units/acre 138
total 59
spaces/unit .25
type garage
LEED for Homes Registered Goal: Gold