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Installing the lobby Cloud sculpture by Activist Architects.


Activist Architects are installing their Cloud sculpture in the Rivermark lobby.

Head in the Cloud: Yes Duffy and Christian Cutul installing the Rivermark Cloud sculpture in the lobby.

2014.07.19 The standing seam west elevation engages the corten balconies.

The building is complete and families who qualify for affordable housing are moving in.

2014.07.19 DBA bikes (and rides the train) from SF to SACTO to do an extended lunch and learn at Rivermark.

2014.07.19 The south elevation with it's L shaped sunshades and deep corten balconies.

Crane progress: The south side is sheeted, and they are rolling trusses on the north side. Image: Josh Sunseri

The view from the construction crane! Image: Josh Sunseri

2014.07.19 the corten screen on the open air bridge that connects the residential wings.

2014.07.19 This color is called "Carbon Copy".


The main residential entry is through a corner public open space.

The Bridge Street corner features a distinctive open-air stair tower that entices residents away from the elevator and also serves as a defining icon of the building.

West Sacramento is an affordable housing project slated to set the standard for future building in the West Sacramento Triangle Development. The development district is bounded by the Capital City freeway, the Sacramento River and Raley Field, a Triple-A ballpark that is home to the West Sacramento River Cats.

West elevation.

Aerial view from southwest.

This affordable family housing development serves as a beacon and point of entry to newest neighborhood in West Sacramento. Visible from a distance, a distinctive open-air tower of perforated Corten panels takes its cue from the formerly industrial area, and then cedes to rough concrete and cedar at a boulder-strewn corner entry courtyard, recalling the forms and shades of the Sierra Foothills.

The steel screen shields a "green stair" that is open to the outside air and sky to entice visitors and residents away from the elevators. A bright-red custom "K" door signals the entry to the towering lobby, which is slated to feature a translucent suspended art piece.

Site plan, with landscape plan by Fletcher Studio.

The 70-unit building is divided aesthetically into two residential "bars" that relate to each other across a central courtyard and are joined by open-air walkways.

Along Bridge Street, the building features five levels of housing, with ground-level residences opening directly onto the sidewalk via balconies and stoops. These private entryways create a sense of ownership and lend an intimate scale to the otherwise large building. Throughout, upper-level units enjoy private balconies with street and courtyard views. Balconies are defined by perforated Corten steel railings and south-facing windows are topped with aluminum sunshades that create a graphic pattern along the elevations. Housing and community uses "wrap" the large parking garage, obscuring it from view and creating an active street edge. The second bar of housing steps down a level toward the smaller alleyway, lined with planted a storm-water swale that ties into the city infiltration system.

Podium plan, with landscape plan by Fletcher Studio.

Service and parking are accessed off an alley.

South elevation.

On Fifth Street, a second publicly accessible courtyard, dotted with seating and shade trees, is the center of the community area. Management offices, an activity room, and a large community room look out or open onto the green, landscaped gathering space. This elevation is clad with standing-seam galvanized metal above the entry level, and punctuated by the continuing plane of the Corten steel screen, which defines the exposed breezeways. Inside, the large podium courtyard is the heart of the development.

Criss-crossed with cables with cafe lights, the festive courtyard features a variety of gathering spaces defined by custom concrete benches and dramatic plantings. Balconies, decks, and patios surround the courtyard, creating a continuum of private to public space and making the courtyard a place of community.

An east/west section through the building.

The project will be GreenPoint Rated and includes a range of complementary green building systems and components.

The Rivermark is located three blocks from Raley Field (home to the Sacramento River Cats baseball team) and a block from the River Walk Trail and is within walking distance of the Yolobus stop near Raley Field, which provides a local loop across the river and around downtown Sacramento.

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2014.07.19 DBA bikes (and rides the train) from SF to SACTO to do an extended lunch and learn at Rivermark.

Kevin Wilcock (DBA), Billy Forrest (DBA), Bradley Sugarman (DBA), Robert Stevenson (BRIDGE HOUSING), Russ Naylor (BOK MODERN) and Virginia Alexander (DBA) visiting the mock up BOK MODERN balcony at Rivermark.

Mock-up of corten steel material for screen that sheaths west facing green stair and walkway bridges.

Bill Forrest and David Baker with the rooftop solar DHW storage tank. 2014.03.27

The solar DHW collector array with downtown Sacramento in the background.

2014.03.27 Concrete being poured for Fletcher Studios wonderful courtyard landscape design.

2014.03.27 The elevations are coming together.

2014.06.05 Balconies with cedar siding take shape.

2014.07.19 Billy Forrest is one of our senior Construction Administration architects.

Bridge Street and corner open space.

Detail of stoops.

North elevation.

Upper level plan.

project details


Affordable Housing, All Projects, Apartments, BRIDGE Housing


West Sacramento, California


BRIDGE Housing


David Baker Architects

General Contractor

Sunseri Associates

Landscape Architect

Fletcher Studio



project data
The Rivermark 20815  
959 Bridge Street, West Sacramento
Sacramento, California
Completed May 2015
number of units
1 bedroom 9
2 bedroom 36
3 bedroom 25
total 70
density ratios
project sf 147,293
site sf 38,629
acres 0.88
total bedrooms 156
bedrooms/acre 177
units/acre 80
total 61
spaces/unit 0.87
type Garage