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h2 by dusk. Image: Bruce Damonte

The first glimpse of the undulating green roof of the h2hotel signals your arrival in downtown Healdsburg. The small, stylish inn—little sister to the grand Hotel Healdsburg down the road—welcomes visitors with its straightforward, vivacious feel.

A broad glass entryway draws guests into the lobby lounge, a dynamic commons that invites mixing and lingering, with a reception desk that doubles as an intimate modern wine bar. Spoonbar!—the hotel's modern Mediterranean restaurant—shares the space.

h2hotel guest entrance. Image: Bruce Damonte




h2hotel was selected by Fodor's 100 Hotels 2012 as one of the top recommended hotels in the world.

Find out more about h2hotel.


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Image: Marion Brenner

Feng Shui Entry Court


The entry from Healdsburg Avenue leads through a courtyard with the hotel bike fleet and a sculpture made by artist Ned Kahn from thousands of espresso spoons.

View from the entry court into SpoonBar, the hotel's restaurant. Image: Brian Rose

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Lobby with custom zinc "receptobar" for check-in, coffee, or cocktails. Image: Bruce Damonte



The reception area is multi-function: check-in, espresso cafe, cocktail bar.

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Continental breakfast for guests in the Spoonbar dining room. Image: Bruce Damonte

Spoonbar! Restaurant


This casual restaurant opens directly to the street and entry courtyard.

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Spoonbar by night. Image: Bruce Damonte

Spoonbar! Cocktail Bar


The entry to h2 is integrated with the Spoonbar! restaurant and cocktail bar.

The bar features custom counters and fallen-wood chandeliers by Pacassa Studio. Image: Bruce Damonte

Chill Space


This soft seating area has a filtered view of the pool.

The lobby "chill space" by day. Image: Zubin Shroff

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Image: Marion Brenner



A small pool is slipped between the hotel and the riparian creek easement.

Image: Matt Edge

Creek-side solar-heated pool! Image: Brian Rose

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Bed frames and cabinetry are made from reclaimed woods such as American elm, acacia, and black walnut. Guest rooms feature bamboo flooring. Image: Zubin Shroff



The guest rooms all have deck, and windows bring natural light and views into the bathrooms.

H2h bathroom mock-up featuring Heath tile, made in Sausalito.

We built a mock-up room to test the concept.

Image: Zubin Shroff

The flame element for h2Hotel by artist/fabricator Leonidas Kyriakopoulos. You can't have much more fun than this!

Hotel street sign. A collaboration between Noreen Fukimori Studio and artist/fabricator Leonidas Kyriakopoulos.

Detail of Katy's Stone's "Little Universe (Burst Boom Bloom)." Image: Midstate Construction

Katy's Stone's "Little Universe (Burst Boom Bloom)."



LEED Gold certified, h2hotel infuses all aspects of its design, operations, and attitude with eco-consciousness—including such energy-saving measures as a green roof and solar panels.

h2hotel achieved LEED NC Gold Certification in May 2011.


Living roof. Image: Brian Rose

Hh and h2h are located on the old Redwood Highway running through the center of town.

Gas Station to Hotel


Reclaiming the site of a gas station, the inn is a key part of the restoration of Foss Creek, which flows through the length of the town. The inn embraces the creek, preserving the giant, spreading Live Oak tree and restoring the surrounding banks.

Before: The hotel is built on the restored site of a defunct gas station.

h2 in context, along Healdsburg Avenue and adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce. Image: Bruce Damonte

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Level 4 plan

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Level 2 plan

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The site faces Healdsburg Avenue with Foss Creek at the rear.

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Healdsburg Avenue panorama. Image: Brian Rose

Healdsburg Avenue elevation.

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Paco and Chris admiring the very complex curved and folded zinc panel for the H2hotel Receptobar. These guys are awesome. We've been doing stuff like this for almost 20 years and its still amazing and wonderful.

Pacassa Studio


DBA has worked closely with artisan Paco Prieto of Pacassa Studio for many years. He collaborated on the interiors—fabricating and enhancing the very special bars, tables, and light fixtures.

SpoonBar!'s community table, made of deadfall Black Acacia by Pacassa Studios. Image: Midstate Construction

David Baker + Partners Architects

h2 by dusk. Image: Bruce Damonte

Custom Cor-Ten steel balconies lend rustic color and texture to the facade. Image: Bruce Damonte

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Marion Brenner

Spoonbar restaurant and bar opens to the street. Image: Bruce Damonte

Sign detail. Image: Bruce Damonte

Image: Matt Edge

Image: Bruce Damonte

Lobby and Spoonbar. Image: Bruce Damonte

Image: Matt Edge

Lobby lounge. Image: Matt Edge

The event room opens widely to the outdoors. Note the mixed-up repurposed-basketball-court flooring. Image: Paul Dyer

Image: Bruce Damonte

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Matt Edge

Image: Bruce Damonte

Image: Bruce Damonte

Hotel hallway with view and water bar. Image: Bruce Damonte

Hotel room living room. Image: Matt Edge

Hotel room bath. Image: Matt Edge

Entry by evening. Image: Bruce Damonte

Spoonbar by night. Image: Bruce Damonte

The hotel has an active urban edge that opens onto Healdsburg Avenue, the old Redwood Highway. Image: Brian Rose

The Healdsburg Avenue street frontage in the morning. Image: Brian Rose

View from the south.

Rear elevation. Image: Brian Rose

Image: Brian Rose

The pool in action. Image: Brian Rose

The rear stair. Image: Brian Rose

The landscaped courtyard, with private patios. Image: Brian Rose

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Marion Brenner

Image: Marion Brenner

Interior corridor, with a view of the courtyard through the sunscreen. Image: Brian Rose

Curated by Svea Lin Vezzone of Swarm Gallery, h2hotel’s art program highlights original art from Bay Area artists. A photographic study of a California live oak printed on glass by Sonoma State University professor Stephen Galloway unfolds in 8-foot sections, one on each floor. Image: Brian Rose

SpoonBar! opens out to the sidewalk, engaging the town. Image: Zubin Shroff

View from the street. Image: Zubin Shroff

SpoonBar! from the entry court at night. Image: Zubin Shroff

"Spoonfall" by Ned Kahn is made out of espresso spoons. Image: Zubin Shroff

Rainwater captured by the green roof powers "Spoonfall." Image: Catherine Chan

"Spoonfall" detail. Image: Zubin Shroff

The lobby's fire element was designed with Leonidas Kyriakopoulos, artist and artisan extraordinaire. www.ldkwork.com

Image: Midstate Construction

The chill space at night. Image: Zubin Shroff

Image: Zubin Shroff

Creek-side solar-heated pool! Image: Zubin Shroff

Detail of bar interface to street and awning over fan museum.

The Spoonbar bar opens directly to the street.

Hotel street sign. A collaboration between Noreen Fukimori Studio and artist/fabricator Leonidas Kyriakopoulos.

Creek-side solar-heated pool!

The pool with the green open-air stair beyond.

The symbols etched on the windows refer to the hotel's sustainability story and prevent people from walking into the glass.

The symbols etched on the windows refer to the hotel's sustainability story and prevent people from walking into the glass.

The secondary stair is open air exposed cor ten and FSC certified local redwood.

The custom bike racks at the entry.

The fleet. Image: Midstate Construction

The FCC wooden sunscreen and water-jet cut balconies in the west facing courtyard.

The balconies are cor-ten steel with water-jet cut outs.

The west facing sunscreen with a glimpse of the green roof through the corridor.

The 4th floor corridor with view through the sunscreen. It's amazing how green the view is given you're actually looking at a small town.

Green roof, view to the north.

Cocktail testing.

The tables for Spoonbar were made from local Acacia wood by Picassa with Eames bases by Herman Miller. This view shows the riparian setback from the creek immediately outside the rear of the hotel.

The meeting room opens to the restored Foss creek riparian zone. The floor is repurposed basketball court with the markings unsanded. Image: Zubin Shroff

The meeting room floor is recycled basketball court

Each floor has a "waterbar" where the signature h2hotel glass water bottles can be refilled with still or sparkling cold filtered water.

Interface recycled content carpet tiles in the upstairs corridors.

Room signage by Noreen Fukumori Studio. She is quite witty.

The standard room features an open bathroom, flat screen TV, and lounge area.

We built a mock-up room to test the concept.

Heath Ceramics tile guest shower with product shelf. Image: Midstate Construction

Image: Midstate Construction

The custom local elm bed and armoires in a suite. Image: Zubin Shroff

Quilted fabric "headboards" attach directly to the wall, taking up no space in the room. Image: Midstate Contruction

The living area in a suite. Image: Zubin Shroff

The daybed in a suite. Image: Zubin Shroff

Each floor features a guest water bar with still or sparkling water and reusable glass water bottles. Image: Midstate Construction

Loomis art furniture bench for the lobby.

Concept sketch for the fire element by db.

2009.09: The lobby with board form concrete walls and columns.

The mock up of the cor-ten balcony.

This mock-up of a section of the curved roof eave will be built in rusting cor-ten steel. The rust stains will run down the face of the building.

Custom bicycle racks by the front door with a fleet of Public share bikes.

Local Black Acacia Wood for the bar and common table from Evan Shively, wood broker extraordinaire.

Paco is supposed to be a wood worker, but with a water jet cutter he's working this 1/2" plate steel like very heavy plywood.

2010.05.25: The green roof is rolled out.

The receptobar nears completion.

Aerial sketch of h2hotel concept.

Computer Visualization: Healdsburg Avenue from the north.

Computer Visualization: Healdsburg Avenue from the south.

AFTER: The h2hotel in real time.

The Receptobar provides check in, espresso, and wine.

h2hotel was selected for the 2012 Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards honoring the best hotels around the world. h2hotel was singled out as a Trendsetter—"hotels that are changing the hospitality landscape."


100 Hotel Awards 2012—Trendsetter
50 Best Designed California Hotels
California Home + Design Magazine
2010 Top Projects—Hospitality
North Bay Business Journal

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Healdsburg, California


David Baker Architects

Interior Design

Marie Fisher Interior Design

Interior Design

Jen Gadiel Design

Landscape Architect

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects

Lighting Designer

Horton Lees Brogden

Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer

Guttmann + Blaevoet

Acoustical Engineer

Wilson Ihrig + Associates


Midstate Construction



project data
h2 Hotel 20612
219 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg, California
July 2010
number of units
guest rooms 36
retail sf 408
density ratios
project sf 32,540
site sf 23,761
acres .55
total bedrooms 36
bedrooms/acre 65
total 0
LEED NC Gold May 2011